Tool Secrets

Do you know all there is to know about your tools?

Just as it is with any other object we use, tools have been specifically designed to be the best paint brush, screwdriver or measuring tape it can be. And here’s how they do it…

Measuring tape

Ever notice that the end of your measuring tape is a little ‘wobbly’ or loose? It’s meant to be!

The hook at the end of your measuring tape is designed to move in or out by 1mm (the width of the metal it is made of). You will notice that the markings on the tape allow for this too.

The reason: When measuring an internal dimension, the hook will slide in, to include the width of the hook in your measurement. When hooking it onto something for an outside measurement, it pulls out, to make up for this width.

Paint brush

Big brush, small brush… Wooden or plastic handle… Plastic bristles, natural bristles… Yet each of them has a little hole in the top of the handle…?

The reason: When you lay your paint brush down or stand it up in a container, the bristles will inevitably bend – shortening its lifespan. Instead, install some hooks or hang a wire to thread your paint brushes and keep them neat for longer.

Paint roller

The plastic handle to your roller has this u-shaped ‘protector’ at the end that is way too small to actually protect your hand against the paint splatter. Because that’s not what it’s for!

The reason: When laying down your roller in a tray or paint bucket, or after you’ve washed it, that u-shaped hook holds it, out of the paint, or hanging on the edge of your or basin.

Simple tricks to make life easier! And we’ve got a lot more here at Cotect Paints!

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