Appearance: Smooth white paste

Application: Interior and Exterior, can be applied with a steel trowel or paint scraper

Spreading rate: 3m² / kg spreading rate @ 0.2mm wet film. Depending on roughness of the surface profile.

Drying time: 4-6 Hours drying time depending on film thickness and temperature.

Packaging: 750g, 1.5kg, 4kg, 18kg, 35kg

Colours: Off white

PlasterSkim is more than just a traditional skim. It is the ultimate product you would need to prepare your walls and other surfaces before painting. PlasterSkim is conveniently premixed ready for use. PlasterSkim will cover hair cracks, damaged plaster, gypsum plaster and previously painted surfaces that need smoothing.

It fills minor cracks, imperfections and smoothens the texture of the surface, leaving behind a perfect finish to fully appreciate velvet or sheen paints.

It has high levels of acrylic binder which makes it suitable for interior and exterior applications, providing a perfect bond with previous or subsequent acrylic paint and usually does not need to be primed. Primer required in coastal, moist and brittle surfaces

Using PlasterSkim will prevent the patchy appearance on walls as well as possible paint failures following the use of gypsum based crack fillers.

In most instances, the only preparation PlasterSkim requires would be to scrape the surface removing cement spatter, high spots and all loose surface contaminants.

It can be applied directly onto newly plastered surfaces or on previously painted (acrylic) surfaces of sound condition. Enamel paints need to be sanded down before Plasterskim application.

PlasterSkim is applied with a steel trowel and the golden rule is to apply it as thin as possible. Let the surface dictate the film required. The norm is 0,1 – 1mm, 3mm maximum on one application.

Follow with a second coat if necessary and sand 1-4 hours after Plasterskim application between coats.
Interior & exterior use.







Our range of quality skimming products are a high solids, buttery trowelling compounds, designed to ensure a perfectly smooth & ready to paint surface when correctly applied.

Best applied using a plasterer’s steel trowel (or large paint scraper), by pressing firmly against the substrate and laying down a thin film in a sweeping action.

Ease of use:
All our skim’s are premixed and ready for use and may be closed up and re-used as required.

Unless otherwise specified, priming and undercoating is not required.
All decorative emulsion and enamel paints can be used as suitable topcoats.

Where to use:

PlasterSkim: Filling small and hairline cracks and smoothing of minor surface imperfections.

FullSkim: Used to pre-fill deeper imperfections, as a first coat to remove textured surfaces and as the jointing compound on drywall systems.

ContractorSkim: Designed to fill the grain and provide a smooth first coat finish on new plaster.

PlasterFix: Filling and fixing of deeper cracks with good side adhesion.