Appearance: Thick smooth white paste

Application: Interior and Exterior, can be applied with a steel trowel or paint scraper, or sealant gun with cartridge.

Spreading rate: 30-60 running m / kg @ 4mm wide and 4mm deep.

Drying time: 6-8 Hours drying time depending on film thickness and temperature.

Packaging:  310ml, 1.5kg, 4kg, 18kg

Colours: Off white

PlasterFix is an acrylic based, fibre re-enforced crack and joint filler that is easy to use on all minor to medium sized cracks and joints, to provide a sound and ready to paint surface.

Plasterfix can be used to fill all minor cracks ( not structural or ” live ” cracks ) in walls, and to fill joints between walls, ceilings,cupboards, and dry wall partitioning.

Plasterfix can be applied using a paint scrapper, putty knife, or sealant gun with cartridge.

Thinning is not recommended. Use clean water to wash utensils and clean up.

NB. Not suitable for use around baths and wash basins etc.

All decorative enamel and emulsion paints can be used as suitable topcoats.

Plaster Fix is a new generation fibre re-enforced ready-mixed crack solution.

Unlike conventional crack fillers, Plaster Fix offers increased adhesion with the sides of the crack and will prevent the crack from re-appearing.

It is supplied in a similar, soft and workable paste and is also available in a handy 310 ml tube for getting to the bottom of deep cracks.

Using Plaster Fix in a tube will prevent the repaired cracks in textured walls from showing smooth patches.

Plaster Fix can be used interior as well as exterior and usually does not  need to be primed before it can be painted. Primer required in coastal, moist areas and brittle surfaces







Our range of quality skimming products are a high solids, buttery trowelling compounds, designed to ensure a perfectly smooth & ready to paint surface when correctly applied.

Best applied using a plasterer’s steel trowel (or large paint scraper), by pressing firmly against the substrate and laying down a thin film in a sweeping action.

Ease of use:
All our skim’s are premixed and ready for use and may be closed up and re-used as required.

Unless otherwise specified, priming and undercoating is not required.
All decorative emulsion and enamel paints can be used as suitable topcoats.

Where to use:

PlasterSkim: Filling small and hairline cracks and smoothing of minor surface imperfections.

FullSkim: Used to pre-fill deeper imperfections, as a first coat to remove textured surfaces and as the jointing compound on drywall systems.

ContractorSkim: Designed to fill the grain and provide a smooth first coat finish on new plaster.

PlasterFix: Filling and fixing of deeper cracks with good side adhesion.