Saving water tips for painters using water-based paints

Water is a most precious resource and yet it comes to us so freely and easily, that we can forget that we are supposed to be saving water. This is especially true when it comes to rinsing paint off brushes.

Prepare for the cleaning in advance
Watch the water wise video below featuring SuzelleDIY with Hellen Zille and get your bucket system up and running. This water saved can be used to clean your brushes. But don’t just pour it over your brushes here are a few more water wise tips for cleaning paint brushes.

Wipe off the excess paint first
Do this immediately after the painting job has been completed as waiting will allow the paint to dry and the brushes will be harder to clean.
Use an absorbent material such as an old rag, cloth or newspaper.

Fill two Containers with saved water
Fill two 20 litre containers with water – save/use your empty paint 20 litre containers for this. If you need to clean the containers a bit first, scrape the residual paint into a smaller container for later use and wipe the sides and bottom with an absorbent material.
Rinse your paint brushes in one container, use your fingers to open the bristles under water.
Transfer the washed brushes to the next container, seal and leave both over-night.

Recycle the water
The next day you will find that the paint solids have sunk to the bottom of the containers and the water on top will be clear. This clear water can be used to clean more brushes after the next job or you can carefully pour the clear water out onto your flowerbed or lawn.

Dispose of the residual paint
Once the water has been poured off, the paint solids at the bottom can be scraped out onto old newspaper and disposed of.


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