Please not another throw pillow rather give your walls a fresh coat of Paint

The easiest way to make a room look fresh and new? Well, you can bring in new throw pillows, change the curtains, buy new furniture or replace the lamp, but if your walls are looking old and faded then the best thing to do would be to give it a fresh coat of paint. You’ll be amazed at how a different colour on your walls can change the perceived colours of your curtains, bedding and furniture.

But if you’re thinking of painting a room the golden rule is the better the surface, the better the result. Good preparation makes a world of difference to the end result. All it takes is the right colour paint and you can totally reinvent a room.

Steps to a brand new room

  1. Wash your walls with something like Sugar Soap.
  2. Remove any flaky and cracked paint.
  3. Fill cracks and chips with one of our skimming products like PlasterSkim, or PlasterFix for bigger cracks and joints.
  4. For an even smoother surface, you can paint the entire wall using ContractorSkim.
  5. Paint the walls with the new colour of your choice using Superior Acrylic 401, this will give you superior quality, and excellent washability.

Of course, if throw pillows are your thing, you can now add that to your new room and Voila!

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