Painting those hard to reach places

Once most of the work has been done there remains those fiddly bits that are hard to get to or just awkward to paint. Typically these spots are irritating, hand-cramping, back-breaking and just seem to hold up the completion of the job. But if skipped, will spoil the entire job by their unfinished presence.

Use an edging tool to get behind or under fixtures (Toilets, Sinks, etc.)

Besides being a great tool that you can use for cutting along edges (paint close to the edges) of doors, ceilings or trim, this tool can help take care of hard to reach places. The edging tool saves time as you don’t need masking tape or a steady paint brush hand close to the edges. Once you have done the edges, take the sponge and backing part off the edging tool and attach it to a thin strip of wood that will serve as the handle. Dip the sponge in paint and slip it in behind or under any fixtures that need to be painted.

Getting to those hard to reach stairway walls and ceilings

If you are afraid of heights, then this is the dreaded part of painting indoors. Balancing perilously on a ladder over a flight of stairs is enough to un-nerve even the most hardy of handy-men. Here is a neat solution to help you feel like you are on more solid footing.


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