Metal Primers


Appearance: Matt

Application: For new metal with no rust, clean of grease and apply directly with roller or brush.  For old rusty metal clean of rust with wire brush or mechanical means and apply.

Spreading rate: 7 – 8 sq.m/lt/coat

Drying time: 4-6 Hours, depending on the temperature

Packaging: 1l, 5l, 20l

Colours: Black and Red


Uses: For use on all metals. 

Features: A true anti-corrosive waterborne acrylic emulsion primer.  Promotes excellent corrosion resistance and inter coat adhesion on new and weathered metal and galvanized metals.  Product contains free acids which aid in etching and rust conversion.

True anti-corrosive metal primer in adhesion promoted waterborne binder.  Promotes excellent corrosion and inter-coat adhesion on new and weathered galvanized iron and mild steal.


Appearance: Matt

Application: Spray application only, either conventional or airless spray

Spreading rate: 7 – 8 sq.m/lt/coat at recommended thinning rate

Drying time: 20 – 60 min, depending on temperature and humidity

Packaging: 1l, 5l, 20l

Colours: Red Oxide and Black Oxide only


Uses: Used as a primer for trucks, tractors, industrial equipment, farm implements and general steel work. 

Features: QD Spraying Primer is a quality, fast drying primer for use on mild steel and suitably prepared galvanized iron. 

High quality, Quick Drying Spray Primer for trucks, tractors, industrial farm equipment/ general steel work.


Appearance: Matt

Application: By brush or roller (short hair synthetic fiber)

Spreading rate: 6 – 8 sq.m/lt/coat

Drying time: 16 Hours for waterbased products / 48 Hours for enamels (over coating)

Packaging: 1l, 5l, 20l

Colours: Red Oxide only


Uses: For use on all suitable prepared and clean mild steel surfaces. 

Features: Economical water based red oxide primer for mild steel priming applications

Economical water based red oxide primer for use on suitably prepared mild steel surfaces.