Paint your Interior like a Pro

Painting the interior of your home can be a tricky task, and if you start asking for opinions you will get a lot of differing views. Go bold or stay white? Some people like an accent wall, but this could be problematic because people usually pick a colour that’s too strong. Again too much white can make it feel like a rented apartment, and if you paint all your walls white and just one in colour, you could have too much contrast which will make your eyes get tired of the colours faster. Below are some tips to help you Paint with a Decorators perspective.

Don’t match favourite Objects

Pick a colour that can tie things together in a room, for instance, don’t pick a colour that matches a favourite item in the room, but rather a colour that is paler and softer than the object. This way the colour will enhance and not compete with the object. The featured image is a perfect example of a colour that blends with and accentuates the furniture in the room.

Try out a Colour Sample first

This will take a bit of extra effort but the end result is worth the trouble. On each wall, tape up an oversized colour sample of the colour that you’ve picked, something like a half-metre-square, and watch it throughout the day as the light changes. This will help you make the perfect selection of the colour that suits the room best.

Don’t pick colours that are too bright

Pick a colour that will blend with the space you are working with, something that will complement the room. Colours that are too bright are mostly too strong for interiors unless for instance you have a very bright sunny room that could handle a splash of bright yellow.

Pick colours that are appropriate for the room

Colour has a definite impact on mood, so make sure the colour is appropriate for the space. For instance, a cooler colour works well in a bedroom or lounge, whereas a warmer colour will work well in a bathroom or kitchen. Think carefully about how you want to feel and what you want to accomplish in each space.

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