How to Paint over a dark colour

Whether you live in your own home or renting a home, sometimes you feel stuck with a dark paint colour on the wall. You might have painted it yourself, but grew tired of it, or you simply don’t know if you’d be able to get rid of the dark colour underneath if you painted over it with a lighter colour. Well, it is easier than you think and here is how.

Step 1: Prepare your wall

As always when it comes to painting, solid preparation is key. Check your wall for imperfections like peeling paint, holes, cracks, etc. Scrape off peeling paint and fill the holes and cracks with a Skimming Product like PLASTERSKIM or PLASTERFIX.

Step 2: Sand your Wall till smooth

Step 3: Plaster Primer

Because you are painting over a dark colour you have to first use a White MASONRY PLASTER PRIMER, and apply using a brush or medium pile synthetic roller. When rolling the paint on the wall, roll in large, wide “M” or “W” shapes. The spreading rate should be no less than 7-8 square metres per litre, depending on your wall, and make sure you leave it ample time to dry. Add a second coat to areas in which you can still see any of the previous colour through the primer. Leave it to dry again.
PRO TIP: You can colour your Plaster Primer to the same colour as your new Top Coat for even better obliteration.

Step4: Top Coat

Choose your colour in a good quality top coat that will give you a smooth and lasting finish like our SUPERIOR ACRYLIC for a beautiful matte colour. The Superior Acrylic Combines excellent UV resistance, washability and flexibility with a satin smooth low sheen finish.

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