Oh no! it’s the wrong colour! Avoid getting stuck with an ugly room

Painting a room is such a quick and easy DIY project especially a small room or bathroom. You don’t need to move too much furniture or cover too many fixtures and fittings and the job is done in time for the rugby. And voila! The room is transformed by the sheer perfection of a few coats of paint.
Except that, the finished product is not what was expected. You now have three choices repaint, redecorate or learn to live with it.
But it doesn’t have to get this far with a little preparation, you can have the right colour and still manage to make it in time for the game.

Choose the colour from the room not the colour cards
Unless you plan to redecorate anyway don’t pick a colour from the colour cards, well not at first anyway. Take your cue from the existing items in the room and match those to a colour to paint the walls.

Don’t go for the extreme ends of the colour palette
Bright tones of a colour are great for painting smaller sections but select the middle or darker tones of the range for the walls. Save the louder or brighter tones for the decorations to add depth and interest to the overall effect of the room.

Don’t shoot from the hip, consider the end result
You know it when you see it and end up shaking your head and saying something like “Wow that person must really like green!” You don’t have to make the place look like it has been dunked in your favourite colour, consider the rooms function first and then bring in elements that incorporate your colour favourites.

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