Get your DIY right

What’s DIW?

Doing It Wrong – that’s what it is!

If you’re preparing to paint a room yourself, here are some tiny things to help you achieve the perfect finish:

Be prepared

Cliché no 1.

Move & cover furniture to create easy access to walls (and prevent tears when you spill the paint!). Throw down drop sheets (plastic or newspaper) to protect floors from inevitable splatter. Clean off surfaces & fill or neaten any imperfections. Put on some old clothing or an overall to protect yourself. And get all your tools ready, so they are at hand when you need to grab something.

Don’t forget an old wet rag! 

Minimise obstacles

Windows & doors are hard to get rid of, but a light switch or plug cover – that’s easy. To get the perfectly neat finish around your electrical points, simply remove the covers and replace again after painting. For windows, doors or any other fixed obstacles, use painters tape (this works better than plain old masking tape) around all edges, to allow you to get the paint right into the corners.


Do not under circumstances skip the primer coat! Primer prepares your surface for your coloured top coat to adhere to and covers up the old paint and previous colour, so you’ll need fewer coats of colour to get complete obliteration.

Watching paint dry…

Cliché no 2.

The bottom line is: Do not paint over wet paint. Paint your primer, wait. Paint your first coat of colour, wait. Paint your second coat, wait. …I think you get the point.

Paint must be dry (to the touch) before applying the next coat. It allows proper bonding and colour obliteration and you could spoil your finish, as brush strokes & bubbling may show up.

But if you can’t remember any of these things, you can always ask our advisors at Cotect Paints.

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